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This is the 3rd time I have tried this.  I must have gotten rusty over the trip to Tennessee.

Thank you my sweet friends and family…..

10.  The Avila Family — Sweet family.  I loev how they share the blog.  They are talented and real.  They also are very encouraging to me and I so appreciate that.

9.  Erin – Our daughter.  This is impressive.  She had only begun blogging and then her computer went down.  It was gone for several months it seems, but she is back up again.  Stop by and say hi.  She leads a very full life.  We are very proud of her.  She is my right hand most of the time.

8. Anon4him –The person really loves the Lord.  I am inspired and encouraged by her.  What an example.

7.  Whittaker woman — Heather has a way of communicating that is real and can reach every age woman.  I read her daily.

6.  Booterbaughs — I have known Kyle since he and Brody were in high school.  A talented man with a sweetheart for a wife and a brand new baby girl.

5.  Andira — I found Andira in Brody’s blog.  She is a talented, generous woman.  Always sharing her feelings and her music readily.  She also is a great encourager.

4.  Randy— We have known Randy since Brody and he played on their first LL team, about age 7.  Brody’s best friend, I am not surprised that they are in business together.  Randy is incredibly talented and creative.  i have to admit I do not understand his blog sometimes, but I do respect the man’s intellectual talent.

3.  Annie — Also known Annie since she was a child.  Incredibly smart gal.  Always has been.  She loves the Lord greatly and her family also.  What else needs to be said.

2.  Brody— Son of my heart.  Brody is always creative, always seeking and alway goal oriented.  There is no one more faithful.  If I didn’t know that God did, I may think he hung the moon.

1.  Kristin — Our precious daughter-in-love.  She is loving, organized, creative and generous.  I could not have chosen a better wife for Brody or mother of those 3 grandsons.  I love her beyond words.  Always striving to be better.

That’s it.  i hope this posts this time.  Thank you all so very much.  Blogging has changed my life, my thoughts and made some really great friends.

My only hope is that God is glorified and my son is not embarrassed.


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