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This case is very special to Mike and I.  It’s old, it’s hand-painted and we love it.

This was Brody’s first guitar case.  Infact, it was our son, that painted it. It was given to Harold for a short time and now it holds Noah’s guitar.   This gives Mike and I great joy.  I know, not earth shattering, but nonetheless, important to us.  I had not seen this case in many years, then all of the suddent it showed up right there in the living room.  Noah had decided to take some guitar lessons from Evan and Papa was restringing the guitar for him.  I don’t really know who was more excited, Noah or Papa.

Another joy, this week, Noah is taking “golf lessons” with his friend, Hayden.  Okay, it’s cool, but you should see Mike’s face when he hides behind a tree, so he can see Noah with Noah seeing him.  His eyes are sparkling.  He has always loved golf, he started playing when he was really young and when he can’t sleep, his mind goes to a golf course and it gives him peace.  I know, go figure, but that is him.  He took Noah at 2 years old to this very course to play on the putting green, he cut down a putter for him.  On Noah’s 6th birthday, Noah received his first set of golf clubs.  Now, on his 12th birthday, lessons,  4 kids, one instructor, 5 days, 6 hour days.  Papa is thrilled.  Noah is excited.  Once again, I know he likes golf, my hope is that he REALLY likes golf and not just pleasing Papa.  Anyway, those are some of the joys we have this week.   There are more I am sure, today, though, is for Noah.

Lord, thank You so much for the blessings of our first-born grand.  How we love him.  Thank you for his quiet wisdom and his beautiful smile.


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“The Generous Mr. Lovewell”

January 22, 2010 – 11:10 am 3 Comments

Mercy Me is in the process of creating their next album, entitled “The Generous Mr. Lovewell.” The idea behind it is that this fictional character, Mr. Lovewell, gets up every day and does random acts of kindness, and that kindness creates a ripple effect. I love all the videos, and ideas, that they have for the album and the tour, and the way they are visualy and creatively conveying the message.

Brody is the Art Director for the album, and he has been working so hard, and doing such an amazing job! The cover turned out awesome…

…Also, Brody asked me to paint a heart that they could use as a prop in the photo shoots. Now the heart is also on the cover of the album! It is so fun, and surreal for me to see something that I painted, on the cover of a Mercy Me album! I am grateful for the opportunity, and happy to help in a small way. Follow Mr. Lovewell on twitter, and stay tuned on MrLovewell.com for more videos, and also mercyme.org for details, songs, and information! Most importantly, Love- Well!

Okay, How proud am I ???  A sweet gal commented on this on Brody’s blog, about making it “wall art”.  I plan to do exactly that.  I am proud of Kristin for her artistic ability and equally proud of Brody for his creativity and abilities.  All of that to say……Once again, THANK YOU, LORD, FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW….

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Brody had a lot of things on his mind when he was here.  He must have because he only mentioned briefly his time home with his parents.  I don’t mind though.  He was very busy, it was a short time, and I knew I could write anything I wanted on my own blog…!

Mike and I picked him up from the airport in the early afternoon.  We went straight to his sisters house to see her and the kids.  They were very excited.  I think it may have been almost 2 years since they had seen him.  Way too long.  We spent an evening at the church also, seeing Phil and the kids Brody had mentored when he lived here.  It was really fun to see them all together.

Honestly, it was way too short of a time, but I really enjoyed it.  I cannot remember when I have been able to be with Brody and Erin and just be.  Mike had a meeting in Tahoe, so it was just us..

23-2009-0351Shopping..we were looking for those “Kings” shirts for the boys…

23-2009-018Getting to know Lincoln, Lucy and JoJo.

23-2009-032Moving a new TV for Brody and Kristin and the boys…


Watching “Lost” with his sister…That really was nice..  He was very excited that we would be interested, we started at the beginning and went about 5-6 episodes.  Very tricky show…but I had both of them there.  Seeing Erin and Brody together is a little like stepping back in time.  I know they really love each other.    I cannot remember how long it had been since it had just been the three of us, maybe 15 years or so.  I never really thought about it.  I love my -in-loves, and my grands so very much.  But I found myself, like Mary..”pondering these things in her heart”…


Our son was very tired.  He needed to get up at 4:00 a.m. to leave with his father-in-law.  He never really stopped working when he was here.  He is a master at multi-tasking.

Now on to the tour.  Thank you so much, son for being with us.  We all enjoyed you being here.  Have a great time….

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