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  I have thought a lot about “the voice” of the Lord.  I really can say at times, “the Lord said…”.  Certainly, in the Word, the Lord said, but I mean, to me.  I know there is controversy about it.  Do I hear Him audibly?  Nope.  But I really “hear” Him in my heart and spirit.  Not all the time, never about anyone else.  Only to me, about me.  He does prick my spirit about things at times.  I will hear, ‘go give her a hug”, “stay away”, “don’t say that”  kind of stuff. 

I was reading Psalm 29 today.  It is so interesting and made me think.  Verses 3-9 talks strong words, big words, big voice.  Verse3, “the voiceof the Lord is upon the waters…”the God of glory thunders.  The balance of that passage mentions that the voice of the Lord is powerful, majestic, breaks the cedars.  Verse 7, “the voice the Lord hews the flames of fire, shakes the wilderness.  Verse 9 “makes deer to calve and strips the forest bare; in His temple EVERYTHING, says “Glory”.  Isn’t that amazing?  His voice alone can do all those things.  Incredible.  The strength and power is indecribable.  Yet, He can use that powerful, amazing voice, to calm us, to encourage us and to make us know we are loved.  The same voice can be soft and quiet, just to let us know He is there.

I remember one of the first times that happened to me.  Mike, Erin and Brody and I were at Disneyland.  It was when the Indiana Jones ride was brand new.  The line was all the way from Frontierland to Main Street, USA.  We went everywhere else until the end of the evening and then the line was 4 hours long.  Standing at the end of the line, a couple came up and asked us how many were in our party.  We told them 4.  I was a little skeptical, thinking that they were scamming us a little.  They said that there had been a mistake of some sort and “Town Hall” had given them a pass for 6 people to “go to the front” of the line.  They asked us if we would join them.  We could not believe it.  We walked right past all those folks to the head of the line.  The ride, of course, was very fun and exciting.  We got off the ride before we even realized what had happened.  The kids were thrilled.  It all happened so fast.  Weird, but I immediately had to go to the bathroom, (sorry, but true).  I really needed a minute alone.  In the stall, I could not help but say, “Thank You, Lord.  Only You could have orchestrated that.”  In that still, soft voice, but true, I could even hear a smile, My Father said, ” you are wecome.”   I was a little stunned, but I knew it was Him.  The voice that had the power to raise Jesus from the dead.  The voice that is powerful and majestic cares about telling me that I was welcome, just so in that minute I knew He heard me.  He was there and heard me in the bathroom stall in Disneyland, Anaheim, CA.

There are many things I pray about and for that I have not had that immediate response.  What I learned right then was that my Father hears me wherever I am, whatever I am doing and in His timing He aswers His way.  I am grateful.


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This case is very special to Mike and I.  It’s old, it’s hand-painted and we love it.

This was Brody’s first guitar case.  Infact, it was our son, that painted it. It was given to Harold for a short time and now it holds Noah’s guitar.   This gives Mike and I great joy.  I know, not earth shattering, but nonetheless, important to us.  I had not seen this case in many years, then all of the suddent it showed up right there in the living room.  Noah had decided to take some guitar lessons from Evan and Papa was restringing the guitar for him.  I don’t really know who was more excited, Noah or Papa.

Another joy, this week, Noah is taking “golf lessons” with his friend, Hayden.  Okay, it’s cool, but you should see Mike’s face when he hides behind a tree, so he can see Noah with Noah seeing him.  His eyes are sparkling.  He has always loved golf, he started playing when he was really young and when he can’t sleep, his mind goes to a golf course and it gives him peace.  I know, go figure, but that is him.  He took Noah at 2 years old to this very course to play on the putting green, he cut down a putter for him.  On Noah’s 6th birthday, Noah received his first set of golf clubs.  Now, on his 12th birthday, lessons,  4 kids, one instructor, 5 days, 6 hour days.  Papa is thrilled.  Noah is excited.  Once again, I know he likes golf, my hope is that he REALLY likes golf and not just pleasing Papa.  Anyway, those are some of the joys we have this week.   There are more I am sure, today, though, is for Noah.

Lord, thank You so much for the blessings of our first-born grand.  How we love him.  Thank you for his quiet wisdom and his beautiful smile.

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I kinda knew something was up when Mike was frantic to get the downstairs room done.

When I asked him, he just said that “he had promised me before summer” it would be finished.  I believed him.  I always do.  So I bought it. I was there for him.  Excited and everything.

Then about 2 weeks before Easter, he told me.  It was a bad day I was having and he wanted to do something to cheer me up.  He also didn’t want to cheat me out of the fun of preparation for them to come.

MercyMe was coming to Sacramento, that meant Brody would be here for 5 days, so Kristin and the boys were to fly out early, go to the concert and Brody come home with all of us.  Yeah !!!!  I was very excited.  And Mike was right, preparing is part of the fun.

We would be together for the Concert,  for Easter at church, for Zion’s birthday that weekend.  I loved it.  Did we plan?!!!  I did !…

This is the back of Bridget’s car after the Wal-Mart run.  I wanted everything perfect.  Well, maybe not perfect,  but done.  I wanted to have every cereal, snack, towel and food they could possibly need.  Like I said, I was excited.

I made menu’s, calendars’, well really, I cleared the calendar so that nothing was going to interrupt the time I had with them.  I knew they would have a plan of things they needed to do,but I wanted nothing to effect it.

Erin, Mike, and the kids and I picked up Kristin and the boys at the airport.  All the way home, the kids were so fun.  The cousins had not seen each other in almost 2 years and it was like nothing had changed.  The love that is there, was incredible.  We could definitely see the family love and they giggled and wrestled all the way home.

We  even refinished some furniture that was my Mom’s for the room.  Erin did this entire project.  My mom had this in her kitchen.  When Erin and Brody were babies, they would take the canned food out and put it back in over and over in her kitchen.  We had it in our kitchen after Mom went home to be with the Lord.  It is now a book shelf.

It was entirely so much fun to prepare and be excited at the same time.

Later I will do Easter, but one really nice thing we did have planned was the Family Picture while everyone was here.  A very kind, and generous man from our church agreed to do the pictures at church.  We found a day when everyone could be there.  Matt is the only one missing.  That made me a little sad, but we did the best we could do.

These are all the kids, blood, in-loves, and heart doing some signs of some sort.  Joey brings this to the family.  It’s a tribute to him.

Can you believe it?  I am trying to do the best I can to enter these in, be patient…This is us.  Sookie and all.  I love it.   Wait, I’ll try another..

Ok, this is the us.  The bloods and the in-loves.  To me they are all bloods.  We are grateful, so thankful and humbled by what the Lord has done.

There will be more pictures of this precious, encouraging time later.  For now, I am so grateful for our kids, blood or not, grands and my husband.  Lord, you are kind and generous.

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This week some awesome things happened in our family.  Almost, more than my mind can comprehend.

Our granddaughter, Trinity, decided when she was three years old that she wanted to do everything.  She wanted to be in parades, pageants, collect money for the Tsunami victims, make quilts for orphans and kids with cancer and she wanted to eat ” lingua” tacos…   is that the right spelling for “tongue”?  She has always surprised us.

She is talented and loving and this week she shot her first commercial.  Erin took her to 6 Flags in the coast and she was in a commercial for “Lunchables”. This is amazing to me.  Sometime in the beginning of summer, our baby will be on TV.  Weird, exciting all together.

Our prayer has always been for her, that if the Lord thinks this is a good thing for her, then let’s go with it.  If this will harm her in any way, or if He is not honored by it, then please stop it now.  So far, He seems to be guiding and encouraging her to do this.  We are incredibly proud, not only of what she is doing, but who she is.  She is a gift.

We love her very much and only want what the Lord wants for her.  For right now we again, are very grateful for who she is and what He is doing in her.  Thank you, so much Father.

Then, now today, this piece of art will be in stores all over the country.  We know what this is,  don’t we??? the cover the the new MercyMe single, out today !! Our daughter-in-law is the artist of this. Kristin is an amazing woman, Brody tells all of us all the time and it is true.  She does so many things well. It seems appropriate that this single is from the CD coming out in May 2010, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”.  Because Kristin does.  This is also very exciting for our family.  We again, thank the Lord for His blessings, for His guidance and for His protection.  May this CD do well, may the Lord be honored by what MercyMe is doing. May He be honored by our girls as they go forth and “love well.”

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The Lord has impressed upon me greatly so far this year to consistently pray for our Children and Grands..

I asked my precious friend Rhoda, who is in her eighties how she prayed for each one of her grands and she gave me a book to borrow.  As I read this book, I realized I wanted one, so I could write in it and take notes and be able to use it as a reference tool as the kids grow.  Looking on line, I found it.  It was cheap, too cheap.  How could a book named, “Praying for Our Grandchildren” , only cost 1cent.  What !! Okay the postage was 3.99, but  $4.00 for reference material for such an important topic?  So, I began to look into THE book and realized its all right there.  I knew that, you know that.  I still want the book, but the Psalms are full of wonderful words to ask for these precious souls.  Again, I thank You Lord.

Psalm 25 1-15, paraphrased for my Kids and Grands.

To Thee, O Lord, I lift up my soul, O my God, I put my trust in Thee.  Let us never be ashamed and let not our enemies triumph over any of our children or grandchildren.  Indeed, as we all wait for Thee, we will never be ashamed of our faith, or what You have done for us.

Make each one of our children and grands know Thy ways, O Lord.  Teach each one Thy path and Yours alone.  Please Father, lead them in Your truth and teach each of them.  For You alone are the God our their salvation and for you we wait.  Your lovingkindness and compassion are eternal, please forget  and forgive all their sins and transgressions.  Remember each by name in Your lovingkindness and goodness, O Lord.

You are good and upright, therefore, You will instruct them in the Way.  Let each one be humble and teachable as they follow You.  All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness and truth to those who keep Your covenants and testimonies.  For Your namesake, O Lord, pardon all their iniquities for they may be great.  Those who fear the Lord,  He will instruct in the way they choose, O Father, may they choose Your way and none other.  As You promise, then their souls will abide in prosperity and their descendants will inherit the land.

Help each one of them to know Your secrets and fear You  make known Your covenant to them.  Please, Father, let their eyes   on You and let them never be snarled and caught up in the lies of this world.

I thank You, Father for allowing me the privilege of being their mother and grandmother.  May each one walk in peace with You.


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Grad.Spring2009 057We knew it was coming.  We didn’t want to think about it, but we had to. She had cancer all through her little body.

Gracie came into our family about 13 years ago.  It was before Erin and Brody  left home, before any grandchildren had been born.  She was my baby.  She was strong willed, spoiled and contrary.  She didn’t like to be hugged or loved and she whined at the table.  It’s true, I spoiled her.  I gave her the last bite of everything I ate.  Mike, didn’t like that, the kids didn’t like that, but I didn’t care.  She embarrassed me a lot when people came to dinner.  I didn’t care.  I loved her.

She was great company to our Sookie and the Toby, the cat.

We miss her terribly.  People have asked before, “Will there be dogs in heaven”?  Some people have said, that theirs would be.  I  hope there are some.  I hate to say it, but for Gracie, probably not.  She was a stinker…but I loved her.

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Summer2009.bday.camp. 248Erin seemed to be relaxed.  I did the cooking and she was able to be with her kids and talk with friends, lay by the lake and just generally be able to do nothing,.  School started 3 days later.

Summer2009.bday.camp. 254We hardly saw Trinity at all the entire weekend.  Here she is with Megan and Anna West and Madison Glenwinkel.  She rode bikes mostly and swam.

Summer2009.bday.camp. 278

Mike, Zion and Noah and Noah’s friend, Hayden went for rides in the Tieman’s boat.

We had a wonderful time.  In closing this post, I must mention some thoughts I had.

The night before we left, my BFF, Bridget’s mom died.  We had just seen her 2 days before and it was expected, but still not.  You know how that goes.  I spoke with Bridge on the way up the mountain.  My heart and prayers were with her.

Also, Blue’s 7th birthday was that Saturday.  As is custom for us, Mike and I called to sing “Happy Birthday”.  All the cousins sang this time.  All together in the trailer.  I know that this is one of Kristin’s favorite places on earth.  I missed her.  I missed Brody and the kids.  Everytime I looked out at that lake and the forest beyond, my mind and heart wandered to Kristin.  If I could have had all of them with me, I would have.  Church camp was something that Mike and I always did with the kids and now with the grands.  Yes, we had a wonderful time.  Someday, somehow, our family will all be together.  Has to happen…..it’s my prayer…

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