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  “I’ve got a story…”.  Anyone who has ever attending a Bible Study that I have led, knows I say this periodically.  I just want my sweet ladies there to know, our God is real and if I can tell them how real the Lord can be to them, I will.

We have been studying the book of Exodus  this year.  I have learned just how wonderful the Old Testament  gives us glimpses into what the Lord has in store for us.  It can speak right to our hearts and we can see the New Testament jump out from the pages.

Exodus 17:9, begins with Moses telling Joshua to choose men to go out and fight against the Amalekites.  

(Wait, let me say right here, this is my own interpretation, my own thoughts and of course, “just my opinion”). 

Ok, continuing, Moses then would station himself on top of a hill.  Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill and as long as Moses held up his hands, Israel would prevail, but when Moses let his hands down,  the Amalekites would previal.

In continuing in verse 12, Moses hands were heavy, so they took a stone and put it under him.  This struck me as the first symbol, not of the New Testament, but a symbol, nonetheless.  II Samuel 22:2 says, “The Lord is my Rock, and Fortress,”  That “rock” supported Moses.  Psalm 19:14, “my Rock and my Redeemer.”  Verse 12 continues, “Aaron and Hur supported his hands one on one side and one on the other.  “His hands were steady until the sun set”.  Ok, this really hit me…Galatians 6:2, the Lord tells us to “bear one another’s burdens and thereby fulfill the Law of Christ.  My mind went immediately to our own Pastor Phil.  He not only is a great guy that we have known for over 25 years, but an excellent preacher and teacher.  Since our very own, “Generous Mr. Lovewell”, Pastor Jim went home to be with the Lord this summer, Phil has been missing that  “burden bearer”.  He was Phil’s “iron sharpens iron” .  Pastor Jim was the hospital going, marriage councelor, dispute negogiator kinda guy.  Our congregation has grown rapidly from approximately 200 to approximately 550.  Phil needs an Aaron and a Hur.  This started my little group of ladies to decide to pray for this help; a man of God’s choosing for Phil.  I am comforted that God will provide this for him.

Then I thought about myself.  How can I help? What can I do to “bear one another’s burdens’?  That very morning I was browsing my Facebook News.  There was that familiar “Generous Mr.Lovewell”  post reminding me to do something and “lovewell”.  So, once again, I mentioned that to my ladies and challenged them to “love someone well”  this week before Thanksgiving.

After Bible Study, Mike and I went to WalMart to shop for Thanksgiving.  There in front of us at the check-out, was a cute couple, a little older than Mike and I.  In their cart, I saw (okay, I am always curious when some people buy the things they do, nosey, I know).  In their cart, were “Apple Jacks”, Cocoa Krispies, popcorn, Junior Mint’s, and I thought, “that has to be for their grandkids”.  I wanted to ask, but I found a better way, (just incase they really did eat all those things).  As it were, they were expecting their grands from out of town– Idaho and Modesto.  For a minute,  I felt sorry for myself, since I will not be able to see my TN kids or grands for the holidays.  Then….God showed up !  As I spoke with them, I became really happy for them.  I could feel it, I knew it was the Lord, because I am way too selfish.  They went on their way.  The cashier asked, “Wow, how many people are you cooking for?”  We had 2 carts, (I know ridiculous).  I asked her if she was cooking and she told me she had never cooked a turkey before, her exhusband had always cooked it and he was gone now.  She told me her son was going to his girlfriends and she had to work until 12:30 p.m.  Well, guess where God showed up now….yep, my mouth.  Out He came.  “Come to our house” and I started writing my address and phone number down for her.   She looked so surprised, but happy and said, “really?”    “Yep”, and I hugged her and we left.  Now I had had no time to think about it, or ask Mike about it.  He asked me on the way out what all that was about.  I told him my story of that morning.  He agreed, he usually does.  I realized whether my new friend, “Donna” shows up or not, that God used me to “lovewell” and we are grateful.  We are privileged to be used by an Almighty Good, who “shows up” to do His work anytime, anywhere He chooses.

We are grateful.  Thank you, Lord.


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This case is very special to Mike and I.  It’s old, it’s hand-painted and we love it.

This was Brody’s first guitar case.  Infact, it was our son, that painted it. It was given to Harold for a short time and now it holds Noah’s guitar.   This gives Mike and I great joy.  I know, not earth shattering, but nonetheless, important to us.  I had not seen this case in many years, then all of the suddent it showed up right there in the living room.  Noah had decided to take some guitar lessons from Evan and Papa was restringing the guitar for him.  I don’t really know who was more excited, Noah or Papa.

Another joy, this week, Noah is taking “golf lessons” with his friend, Hayden.  Okay, it’s cool, but you should see Mike’s face when he hides behind a tree, so he can see Noah with Noah seeing him.  His eyes are sparkling.  He has always loved golf, he started playing when he was really young and when he can’t sleep, his mind goes to a golf course and it gives him peace.  I know, go figure, but that is him.  He took Noah at 2 years old to this very course to play on the putting green, he cut down a putter for him.  On Noah’s 6th birthday, Noah received his first set of golf clubs.  Now, on his 12th birthday, lessons,  4 kids, one instructor, 5 days, 6 hour days.  Papa is thrilled.  Noah is excited.  Once again, I know he likes golf, my hope is that he REALLY likes golf and not just pleasing Papa.  Anyway, those are some of the joys we have this week.   There are more I am sure, today, though, is for Noah.

Lord, thank You so much for the blessings of our first-born grand.  How we love him.  Thank you for his quiet wisdom and his beautiful smile.

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This week some awesome things happened in our family.  Almost, more than my mind can comprehend.

Our granddaughter, Trinity, decided when she was three years old that she wanted to do everything.  She wanted to be in parades, pageants, collect money for the Tsunami victims, make quilts for orphans and kids with cancer and she wanted to eat ” lingua” tacos…   is that the right spelling for “tongue”?  She has always surprised us.

She is talented and loving and this week she shot her first commercial.  Erin took her to 6 Flags in the coast and she was in a commercial for “Lunchables”. This is amazing to me.  Sometime in the beginning of summer, our baby will be on TV.  Weird, exciting all together.

Our prayer has always been for her, that if the Lord thinks this is a good thing for her, then let’s go with it.  If this will harm her in any way, or if He is not honored by it, then please stop it now.  So far, He seems to be guiding and encouraging her to do this.  We are incredibly proud, not only of what she is doing, but who she is.  She is a gift.

We love her very much and only want what the Lord wants for her.  For right now we again, are very grateful for who she is and what He is doing in her.  Thank you, so much Father.

Then, now today, this piece of art will be in stores all over the country.  We know what this is,  don’t we??? the cover the the new MercyMe single, out today !! Our daughter-in-law is the artist of this. Kristin is an amazing woman, Brody tells all of us all the time and it is true.  She does so many things well. It seems appropriate that this single is from the CD coming out in May 2010, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”.  Because Kristin does.  This is also very exciting for our family.  We again, thank the Lord for His blessings, for His guidance and for His protection.  May this CD do well, may the Lord be honored by what MercyMe is doing. May He be honored by our girls as they go forth and “love well.”

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The Lord has impressed upon me greatly so far this year to consistently pray for our Children and Grands..

I asked my precious friend Rhoda, who is in her eighties how she prayed for each one of her grands and she gave me a book to borrow.  As I read this book, I realized I wanted one, so I could write in it and take notes and be able to use it as a reference tool as the kids grow.  Looking on line, I found it.  It was cheap, too cheap.  How could a book named, “Praying for Our Grandchildren” , only cost 1cent.  What !! Okay the postage was 3.99, but  $4.00 for reference material for such an important topic?  So, I began to look into THE book and realized its all right there.  I knew that, you know that.  I still want the book, but the Psalms are full of wonderful words to ask for these precious souls.  Again, I thank You Lord.

Psalm 25 1-15, paraphrased for my Kids and Grands.

To Thee, O Lord, I lift up my soul, O my God, I put my trust in Thee.  Let us never be ashamed and let not our enemies triumph over any of our children or grandchildren.  Indeed, as we all wait for Thee, we will never be ashamed of our faith, or what You have done for us.

Make each one of our children and grands know Thy ways, O Lord.  Teach each one Thy path and Yours alone.  Please Father, lead them in Your truth and teach each of them.  For You alone are the God our their salvation and for you we wait.  Your lovingkindness and compassion are eternal, please forget  and forgive all their sins and transgressions.  Remember each by name in Your lovingkindness and goodness, O Lord.

You are good and upright, therefore, You will instruct them in the Way.  Let each one be humble and teachable as they follow You.  All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness and truth to those who keep Your covenants and testimonies.  For Your namesake, O Lord, pardon all their iniquities for they may be great.  Those who fear the Lord,  He will instruct in the way they choose, O Father, may they choose Your way and none other.  As You promise, then their souls will abide in prosperity and their descendants will inherit the land.

Help each one of them to know Your secrets and fear You  make known Your covenant to them.  Please, Father, let their eyes   on You and let them never be snarled and caught up in the lies of this world.

I thank You, Father for allowing me the privilege of being their mother and grandmother.  May each one walk in peace with You.


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ThanksTree 018Bqrb's camera --Noah's B-day, Sew and Rip 009Bike and Work Stuff 003Grad.Spring2009 094 Our eldest, oldest, (what ever is right) grandson turned 11 today..  How on earth does this happen.

Noah John is beautiful, inside and out.  He is “crazy” smart and real.  I have certainly written this before.  When he was born, being our first, I could not even breath until Erin brought him over…everyday.  He brought a new dimension to our lives, of course.  As he has grown and matured, he continues to do that.  Honestly, he is very much like his uncle in that he loves quiet.   He loves to read.  Dislikes being around loud noises and needs alone time.

Some of my favorite times is when he comes over and says,  “Mammo, could we just read together, in the quiet, or sit outside and talk?”  I love that.

My prayer for Noah has been since the day he was born, “Father, make him a man after Your own heart.  Grow him up to be true to his “namesakes”.  A strong, man of God, who loves like You, is peaceful and kind to others.  As he starts Junior High this year, my prayer is even more so.  And ya’ know?  So far so good.  Thank you, again Lord.

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Life With ZeeB…

cardsZion 001

So, at lunch today, Zion wanted Erin and I to play a game of cards with him.  I thought that would be fun, so he dealt out the cards to play…GoLD Fish !!!

cardsZion 002

This was my hand.  I looked at my hand, not quite sure how to play the game this way…Zion said, “Mammo, do you have any baseball players?”  I think, I was silent for a minute and burst out laughing.  He was very serious……

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OpenhouseMay09 031

It had been a couple of years since I had been to an Open House at the kids school.  I really did not expect it to be a really big deal.  The longer I was there, the more my mind (and emotions) collected stuff.

It was fun to see the kids classrooms and teachers, their desks and all the things they made.  They are talented and smart little buggers and I could not be prouder of them.

We went in to see Zion’s class room for next year.  He begins Kindergarten and will have the same teacher and classroom as Noah and Trinity had.  This was by Erin’s design and I think it’s great.  It was just when I walked in, my thoughts immediately went to ” wasn’t I just here for Noah?” and “this is where Trinity did her first play?” How can it be?  I felt older and of course a little sad..I want them to be smart and grow and be independant, but sooo fast???

Noah’s class was quiet, I felt that was approriate.  He works better in the quiet and organized atomsphere.  His teacher seems that way..  His state report was on Tennessee ( seems right to me).

OpenhouseMay09 027

Oops, may have made that too big…I don’t know how to change that.  Noah seemed comfortable in his class and proud of what he had completed.

OpenhouseMay09 022

This one was a little harder for me.  That is my Mom.  The grands call her “Mammo Mammo”, because she was Mammo to their Mom and Dad I’m Mammo to them,  it just distinguishes us.  Trinity had to make a report on a family member, she choose Mom.  I was proud of her.  Sad though, only because I was wishing so much she had been able to see Erin and Brody’s children.  I can see her laughing with them and at them.  Hugging and loving them the way she did with her grands.

The pillow top behind her picture there was lovingly made by Rhoda at church.  I have written about her before.  *(little story to follow)  Erin had placed a pair of her glasses, her Memorial Service bulletin, Trinity had interviewed my a couple of times, so her report was there, a blouse she had made for me that Erin now wears and a basket of one of her favorite candies (orange slices).  I looked at that for a while and the same thought arose.  “Mom, “how I wish you could see how your great granddaughter has honored you.”  So I asked the Lord to tell her.  We sampled other food from other relatives.  It was a very enjoyable, thought provoking time.

I love living here, in a small place.  I was able to run into friends, other parents I have met through Little League, Pageants, church, Bible Studies, etc.  I loved it and I am very grateful for the kids inviting me to go along.

All of this to say, Lord, you are  the controller of all.  You give and You take away,  Blessed be the Lord.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of all the kids lives, that we can openly speak of You and Your ways, and thank You so much for the blessings we each receive from Your hand.

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