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This case is very special to Mike and I.  It’s old, it’s hand-painted and we love it.

This was Brody’s first guitar case.  Infact, it was our son, that painted it. It was given to Harold for a short time and now it holds Noah’s guitar.   This gives Mike and I great joy.  I know, not earth shattering, but nonetheless, important to us.  I had not seen this case in many years, then all of the suddent it showed up right there in the living room.  Noah had decided to take some guitar lessons from Evan and Papa was restringing the guitar for him.  I don’t really know who was more excited, Noah or Papa.

Another joy, this week, Noah is taking “golf lessons” with his friend, Hayden.  Okay, it’s cool, but you should see Mike’s face when he hides behind a tree, so he can see Noah with Noah seeing him.  His eyes are sparkling.  He has always loved golf, he started playing when he was really young and when he can’t sleep, his mind goes to a golf course and it gives him peace.  I know, go figure, but that is him.  He took Noah at 2 years old to this very course to play on the putting green, he cut down a putter for him.  On Noah’s 6th birthday, Noah received his first set of golf clubs.  Now, on his 12th birthday, lessons,  4 kids, one instructor, 5 days, 6 hour days.  Papa is thrilled.  Noah is excited.  Once again, I know he likes golf, my hope is that he REALLY likes golf and not just pleasing Papa.  Anyway, those are some of the joys we have this week.   There are more I am sure, today, though, is for Noah.

Lord, thank You so much for the blessings of our first-born grand.  How we love him.  Thank you for his quiet wisdom and his beautiful smile.


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Summer2009.bday.camp. 248Erin seemed to be relaxed.  I did the cooking and she was able to be with her kids and talk with friends, lay by the lake and just generally be able to do nothing,.  School started 3 days later.

Summer2009.bday.camp. 254We hardly saw Trinity at all the entire weekend.  Here she is with Megan and Anna West and Madison Glenwinkel.  She rode bikes mostly and swam.

Summer2009.bday.camp. 278

Mike, Zion and Noah and Noah’s friend, Hayden went for rides in the Tieman’s boat.

We had a wonderful time.  In closing this post, I must mention some thoughts I had.

The night before we left, my BFF, Bridget’s mom died.  We had just seen her 2 days before and it was expected, but still not.  You know how that goes.  I spoke with Bridge on the way up the mountain.  My heart and prayers were with her.

Also, Blue’s 7th birthday was that Saturday.  As is custom for us, Mike and I called to sing “Happy Birthday”.  All the cousins sang this time.  All together in the trailer.  I know that this is one of Kristin’s favorite places on earth.  I missed her.  I missed Brody and the kids.  Everytime I looked out at that lake and the forest beyond, my mind and heart wandered to Kristin.  If I could have had all of them with me, I would have.  Church camp was something that Mike and I always did with the kids and now with the grands.  Yes, we had a wonderful time.  Someday, somehow, our family will all be together.  Has to happen…..it’s my prayer…

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Benefit.Fathers Day 015Benefit.Fathers Day 020Benefit.Fathers Day 028Benefit.Fathers Day 021 We had a great Father’s Day.  Now, I may be very repetitive here…but I truly feel my husband is the Worlds’ Greatest Dad.

He loves and I mean really loves his children, his grands, they are all the same.  They are his focus for everything he does.  When asked what he wants to do for his birthday, or for Father’s Day, it is always the same..BBQ with the kids and watch them play in the yard.

Honestly, our yard was designed so that the kids could have most of the area to play.  He set up the hoop, has an area for bike’s and is now looking to get a Volleyball net.    Mike went on our kids field trips, and our grands.  He chaperoned 8th grade trips and coached sports teams.  He never missed a teacher conference.  I have never heard him complain about anything in regard to the kids.

I am always grateful for what the Lord has done for us in regard to Mike.  He is the best.  He is our gift.

So for Father’s Day this year, we BBQ’d, watched the kids play and now we leave for Tennessee to love on some more kids and grands and we cannot wait.  As with our Father, Mike’s love just keeps on going.  ….and I am grateful….

“And these are the words which I command you today shall be in your heart;  you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up.  You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  You shall write them on the door posts of your house and on your gates.”  Deut. 6-6-9


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This picture has nothing to do with stats or Sundays, except I took it on one.  But I love it.  I wish I could have a stream like this in my yard.  I love the sound and the smells it produces…..

  • Great day at church, emotionally charged….I was.
  • I love working with my BFF Bridget, greeting.  She encourages me.
  • Mike was still sick and I really don’t like it.
  • It rained and hailed for a long time today..about an inch of hail on the porch.
  • I have been watching the Rock and Worship Road Show.  I think I may take a couple nights off though.. I get annoyed at people who are not happy with what they are receiving…and still want more..
  • Since that has to do with my son, I want to encourage him, and then
  • He gets annoyed at me for doing that…Not the first time he as been annoyed at me though.
  • Erin is in Southern CA and I do not like it.  I want her home.
  • Three of my grands are spending the night tonight.. I love that.  They love my oatmeal in the morning before school.  I love to make it for them.
  • I got to see Annie at church this morning…I loved that.
  • Mike is watching golf on TV…that bores me, and not many things do.
  • The sun is out now, looks like Spring for this week.  I’m with my daughter-in-love, Kristin, I want to plant and have flowers
  • everywhere.
  • I have complained enough…God is still on the throne and I am glad…

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