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Wow, Christmas is rapidly approaching.  I can physically and emotionally feel the stress and the anxiety.  I really don’t believe this is what God intended.

For my today, I want to stop, in silence and listen, remember, recall and consider…You.

As I look outside it is, in my world, a perfect day.  It is cloudy, foggy, crisp and drippy.  The leaves cover the ground and my car in the beauty of the autumn colors.   Sookie and Tahoe are happy in it also.  This weather, the feel, the silence gives me peace.

Psalm 8:1 and 3-4:  “Oh Lord, Oh Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth.  Who have displayed Your splendor above the Heavens.”  Verses 3-4,”When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers which You ordained;  What is man that You take thought of him, and the son of man that You care for him.?”

“Your splendor”….that is today for me.  Sometimes, especially when I am driving and I am alone, I look around and see the beauty.  I have to tell the Lord, “What an amazing thing You did today.  the colors, the trees, the sky and clouds.”  To me it is artistry at its utmost finest.  In weather like this, there is also silence.  Nothing works better to clear my head.  Take a deep breath and really listen.  I have said this before, but I feel bares repeating…I tell the Lord, in silence, “I love You and He answers back, “I love you, too”  without a word.

Out my window right now, the wind is rustling the leaves on an old oak.  Immediately, my head hears that song from the Disney movie, “Pocahontas”. ” Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”  and He answers back in silence…”Why yes, yes I can.”


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The Lord has impressed upon me greatly so far this year to consistently pray for our Children and Grands..

I asked my precious friend Rhoda, who is in her eighties how she prayed for each one of her grands and she gave me a book to borrow.  As I read this book, I realized I wanted one, so I could write in it and take notes and be able to use it as a reference tool as the kids grow.  Looking on line, I found it.  It was cheap, too cheap.  How could a book named, “Praying for Our Grandchildren” , only cost 1cent.  What !! Okay the postage was 3.99, but  $4.00 for reference material for such an important topic?  So, I began to look into THE book and realized its all right there.  I knew that, you know that.  I still want the book, but the Psalms are full of wonderful words to ask for these precious souls.  Again, I thank You Lord.

Psalm 25 1-15, paraphrased for my Kids and Grands.

To Thee, O Lord, I lift up my soul, O my God, I put my trust in Thee.  Let us never be ashamed and let not our enemies triumph over any of our children or grandchildren.  Indeed, as we all wait for Thee, we will never be ashamed of our faith, or what You have done for us.

Make each one of our children and grands know Thy ways, O Lord.  Teach each one Thy path and Yours alone.  Please Father, lead them in Your truth and teach each of them.  For You alone are the God our their salvation and for you we wait.  Your lovingkindness and compassion are eternal, please forget  and forgive all their sins and transgressions.  Remember each by name in Your lovingkindness and goodness, O Lord.

You are good and upright, therefore, You will instruct them in the Way.  Let each one be humble and teachable as they follow You.  All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness and truth to those who keep Your covenants and testimonies.  For Your namesake, O Lord, pardon all their iniquities for they may be great.  Those who fear the Lord,  He will instruct in the way they choose, O Father, may they choose Your way and none other.  As You promise, then their souls will abide in prosperity and their descendants will inherit the land.

Help each one of them to know Your secrets and fear You  make known Your covenant to them.  Please, Father, let their eyes   on You and let them never be snarled and caught up in the lies of this world.

I thank You, Father for allowing me the privilege of being their mother and grandmother.  May each one walk in peace with You.


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I love the movie Forrest Gump”.  There is a line in that movie that I can not get out of my head.  Capt. Dan is very mad at God and he is yelling at Him.

In the midst of yelling, a huge storm begins and knocks their ship all around, and Forrest says..”it was then, that God showed up.”

I am fully aware that God is always around, He lives in me and He is always there to guide and protect.  Just for me, though, I understand that God is in the little things also.  When I see a blooming flower, the beauty of His creations, or the sound of one of our grands laughing whole heartedly.  A smile on our daughter’s face or excitement in our son’s voice when things have gone, “just right”.  Those are just a reminder.. that..”God showed up.”

Now, I am hesitant to say these things, because I am also aware that our Father shows up at hard times also, I have been there, too.  But I am in this mind set right now.

I remember a time when years ago, Mike and the kids and I went to Disneyland.  It was when “the Indiana Jones” ride had just opened.  The lines were 3-4 hours long and we could not take the time to wait.  At the end of the night, we got into line.  A man and his wife walked up to us and asked how many were in our party, we said 4 and he told us, he had “special tickets” that would take us to the head of the line…I really had questions, but Mike said okay..so we followed the man and his wife…My thinking, was “Oh my gosh, we are going to the dungeon, and he is going to kill us..”  (I know ridiculous, we are at the Happiest Place on Earth).  He took us to the head of the line, around all the other people, got on and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

After it was over, the kids were thrilled and I needed to thank the Lord.  I went to most private place I could think of,  the restroom.  I said a little prayer of thanks…it was then, once again, God showed up…and said very quietly to my heart…”You’re welcome.”  I cried.

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winter-2008-mikes-cam-042How on earth did this happen???

Honestly, son…We could not be prouder of the man you have become.  You are honest, Lord loving, a great husband and a wonderful loving father.   As far as a son..we could not be happier.

You have been laughter and brought creativity and music to our family.  We are proud of the goals you have made and acheived them.

Happy Birthday to our baby.  Our prayer is that you continue to follow the Lord each day, He be your guide and the only One you need to please. That you lead your family in the way that does please Him.  May the Lord allow you all your dreams and hopes that are in His will and He keep you all safe and healthy.

Have a wonderful day son, we miss you very much today…..Our love is with you..  Mom and Dad

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Please pray for our little Aiden.  Please pray for his parents and family and the doctors for wisdom.

Please see Brody’s blog for details.  See “A Grandmother’s Love” (in my recent posts) for what I am feeling.

May the Lord continue to bless us all as we serve Him.

Thank you.

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I have thought a lot about the word “resolutions”.  I have never done them. For me, it is sort of setting myself up to fail.  I can always find an excuse for not doing what I should.  I am really good at that.

This year though, the Lord has impressed upon me this….I just want to be better.  I want to be a better daughter of the King, a better wife to Michael.

I want to be a better mother and grandmother and friend.  I want to be more quiet and listen.  The list goes on and on.  Again, I wonder, am I setting myself up to fail…the Lord says “no”.  This time it is in His hands.  I will not be all these things at once, but in His hands, little by little I can change into being what He has planned for me.  I can trust that !!!!  So this year, I want to claim for myself and my family and friends…..

“These are the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, Plans for  welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”  Then my part…..”Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.  And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart…..”  Jeremiah 29

Now that’s what I want for the New Year….

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My New Year Prayer….


Our Father, who art in Heaven and in our hearts, with whom we have life and breath, we thank you for a new year.  May we have learned the lessons you had for us in 2008 and move on in new understanding.

Thank you for a new chance to learn and experience the life You have designed for each of us.  May we “establish our matter of authority” early in the morning and live our day in You.  Let us not look to the acceptance of man, but to glorifying You in our thoughts and actions.

We thank You for our families and pray you will keep them in the shelter of Your wings.  That our love for You and for each other will grow according to Your will.  I personally ask, Lord that my children will seek Your will and continue to teach their children to love and obey You.  We thank You for our friends.  May we chose those who  have already been chosen for us.  May we be truthful and faithful,  loving each as ourselves.  That You are established in the center of each relationship, who ever that may be.

We ask that the “sin that so easily entangles us”, will be forgiven and abandon.

May we glorify You in our goings and comings that others may see You in us.  We thank You for the privilege of being called “Your children”.

Please let us live a thankful life, never taking for granted Your blessings and lessons.

In Your Name…..

Now I can go make my chili…..

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