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  “I’ve got a story…”.  Anyone who has ever attending a Bible Study that I have led, knows I say this periodically.  I just want my sweet ladies there to know, our God is real and if I can tell them how real the Lord can be to them, I will.

We have been studying the book of Exodus  this year.  I have learned just how wonderful the Old Testament  gives us glimpses into what the Lord has in store for us.  It can speak right to our hearts and we can see the New Testament jump out from the pages.

Exodus 17:9, begins with Moses telling Joshua to choose men to go out and fight against the Amalekites.  

(Wait, let me say right here, this is my own interpretation, my own thoughts and of course, “just my opinion”). 

Ok, continuing, Moses then would station himself on top of a hill.  Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill and as long as Moses held up his hands, Israel would prevail, but when Moses let his hands down,  the Amalekites would previal.

In continuing in verse 12, Moses hands were heavy, so they took a stone and put it under him.  This struck me as the first symbol, not of the New Testament, but a symbol, nonetheless.  II Samuel 22:2 says, “The Lord is my Rock, and Fortress,”  That “rock” supported Moses.  Psalm 19:14, “my Rock and my Redeemer.”  Verse 12 continues, “Aaron and Hur supported his hands one on one side and one on the other.  “His hands were steady until the sun set”.  Ok, this really hit me…Galatians 6:2, the Lord tells us to “bear one another’s burdens and thereby fulfill the Law of Christ.  My mind went immediately to our own Pastor Phil.  He not only is a great guy that we have known for over 25 years, but an excellent preacher and teacher.  Since our very own, “Generous Mr. Lovewell”, Pastor Jim went home to be with the Lord this summer, Phil has been missing that  “burden bearer”.  He was Phil’s “iron sharpens iron” .  Pastor Jim was the hospital going, marriage councelor, dispute negogiator kinda guy.  Our congregation has grown rapidly from approximately 200 to approximately 550.  Phil needs an Aaron and a Hur.  This started my little group of ladies to decide to pray for this help; a man of God’s choosing for Phil.  I am comforted that God will provide this for him.

Then I thought about myself.  How can I help? What can I do to “bear one another’s burdens’?  That very morning I was browsing my Facebook News.  There was that familiar “Generous Mr.Lovewell”  post reminding me to do something and “lovewell”.  So, once again, I mentioned that to my ladies and challenged them to “love someone well”  this week before Thanksgiving.

After Bible Study, Mike and I went to WalMart to shop for Thanksgiving.  There in front of us at the check-out, was a cute couple, a little older than Mike and I.  In their cart, I saw (okay, I am always curious when some people buy the things they do, nosey, I know).  In their cart, were “Apple Jacks”, Cocoa Krispies, popcorn, Junior Mint’s, and I thought, “that has to be for their grandkids”.  I wanted to ask, but I found a better way, (just incase they really did eat all those things).  As it were, they were expecting their grands from out of town– Idaho and Modesto.  For a minute,  I felt sorry for myself, since I will not be able to see my TN kids or grands for the holidays.  Then….God showed up !  As I spoke with them, I became really happy for them.  I could feel it, I knew it was the Lord, because I am way too selfish.  They went on their way.  The cashier asked, “Wow, how many people are you cooking for?”  We had 2 carts, (I know ridiculous).  I asked her if she was cooking and she told me she had never cooked a turkey before, her exhusband had always cooked it and he was gone now.  She told me her son was going to his girlfriends and she had to work until 12:30 p.m.  Well, guess where God showed up now….yep, my mouth.  Out He came.  “Come to our house” and I started writing my address and phone number down for her.   She looked so surprised, but happy and said, “really?”    “Yep”, and I hugged her and we left.  Now I had had no time to think about it, or ask Mike about it.  He asked me on the way out what all that was about.  I told him my story of that morning.  He agreed, he usually does.  I realized whether my new friend, “Donna” shows up or not, that God used me to “lovewell” and we are grateful.  We are privileged to be used by an Almighty Good, who “shows up” to do His work anytime, anywhere He chooses.

We are grateful.  Thank you, Lord.


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x11738307It’s been a really long time since I have been on here.  I miss writing and I miss my blog friends very much.  So the fact that I am writing right now is a surprise even to me.

I don’t get angry very often.  Usually when I do, it comes as a culmination of  a lot of things and takes time to bring me to this point.  It has been a difficult week.  That is  not the reason for this post.  The reason for this post right now, at 2:30 a.m. is this.  I am angry.

I am angry that I cannot sleep, I am angry that it’s still 82 degrees in mid-October.  I am angry that my grandchildren do not have the freedom I had as a child because lunatics lurk around and we have to be afraid.  I am angry that we have to censor television, because a lot of it is crap.  I am angry that there is a  woman I know that cannot treat their children right, and pretend she does.  I am angry at the selfishness I see daily and at men that won’t grow up.  I am angry that I cannot watch half of my grandchildren grow and learn and play because the economy is bad and can’t afford to see them.   I am agree at a generation of  young people at church, who will stand and watch 85 year old men tear down tables to put them away with no respect for the man or his age.   I am angry, probably at myself , because I feel like I must not deserve any praise from those close to me, because I have to  ask or sometimes feel like I must beg for a positive encouragement.

After saying all of this and getting it off my chest……I  am a dirty, rotten sinner and I am angry more because of that.  I confess, I do, to my Father and to you.  I am also grateful, grateful that God is still on the throne and gratefully I am not.

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Summer2009.bday.camp. 279 For our family, this, the Donner/Tahoe area is one of the most beautiful places God created.  Our church camp was here again this year and we loved it.

This picture is of Noah and a couple of his buddies, building at the lake’s edge.  The water was cold, but they never care.

Summer2009.bday.camp. 240Next, Harold and Shayla, well Harold talking and Shayla listening.  It was so cold the first night, Shayla was freezing in her tent.  She moved into the trailer and slept with Trinity the next night.  People said it was 29 degrees.  It felt it.

Shayla has been close to all of us this year.  She helps Harold and Nik with the Junior High.  She is a good friend to Erin, loves the kids and we have become her “aunt and uncle.”  She is a great gal, who truly seeks to follow the Lord in all things.  Love her to pieces.

Our friend’s, the Brown’s brought “Nitro”, their Weimerheiner.  He was beautiful.  We could throw sticks out into the lake and he would swim and bring them back.  Zion had a great time with that.  I think Mike and I did too.  Summer2009.bday.camp. 251

Speaking of Mike having a great time.  He borrowed the skateboard from Mike Sparling, and away he went.  Scared me to death, Erin too.  But the grands thought it was

Summer2009.bday.camp. 264

was great !!!…    I was so happy for Mike.  It had been a while since he had a day off.  He turned his phone off just as we left for the lake.  Never turned it on until we got home.  He fished, snorkled, rode his bike and Mike’s skateboard.  He taught Zion how to ride a 2-wheeler, as he had the other two kids at campouts.  I was very glad he had some “down” time.

Just a note here….when we came back we stopped at Colfax for a lunch.  An elderly gentlemen across from us began to choke.  His wife panicked and started yelling, “Help, help”.  Mike jumped up, scared because of the age of the gentleman.  Mike gave him the Heimleck manuever and out that food came.  The guy and his wife were very appreciative, Mike was still scared, but everything went perfect.  We are grateful for a perfect result, and know that the lord had His hand in that deverted tragedy.  Thank you, Lord.

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Grad.Spring2009 053

Wow, it has been a very busy Spring.  We have had 3 birthdays, 1 college graduation, 2 High School graduations, traveling to Tahoe, Home Shows, and general family stuff.  Time gets by and I really miss connecting with my “blog Family”.  I miss you, Melody.  I miss you too, Scottie and all the other sweet people I have met here.  I am not far away.  You are always in my mind.  I miss communicating with my fam through pictures and words.

With the summer upon us, I am truly hoping for more time, to write and reflect on things.  Sometimes, I feel I was meant for a different time, a slower paced, quiet life.  Then again, I would not want to miss all the things that go on in the “right now”.  Guess, I’ll just trust the Lord that He knows best,  and go for it.

Noah, Trinity and Blue all did very well in school this year.  I am always and proud “Mammo”, so that just adds to it, since I was a very lower average student.  I cared more for “social” activity than academics.  I am still that way.   I truly want the kids to all do well though and be whatever the Lord has designed for them.   Zion will begin Kindergarten this year, he is quite ready and excited for that.

Grad.Spring2009 059These gorgeous things are blooming again in the back yard.  I try to take these pictures to send to our Kristin, I know she loves flowers as much as I do and will appreciate them like I do.  It always amazes me that God takes care of these things.  They come from sticks and climb and I do not have a green thumb at all, and yet “our Father takes care of these things”…like the lilies of the field,  I am so grateful.  How generous of Him to allow these for our pleasure.

Grad.Spring2009 073Honestly, I never see this lavender, and we have about a dozen of these in our yard without thinking of Kristin.  She loves the smell of lavender.  And we love her.  Zion actually took this picture for his Auntie.  He is a pretty good photographer for 5.  Quite the eye.  He gets it naturally.  Erin is a wonderful photographer and we all know Brody is.

When the Spring happens and the yard is in bloom, I really take some refuge there.  I can sit on the swing, water or just stand and look, the Lord is there.  We talk and usually there is a noise to distract me, but I do steal some time alone with Him here.  I am so grateful for this place He has provided for us.

Grad.Spring2009 016This is absolutely, the only thing that I can grow inside the house.  I put them in my kitchen window and enjoy them year round, every day.  As I look at these pictures, I realize I love purple flowers.  I love the look, the smell and the peace they give.

Thank you so much for allowing me this indulgence and taking this walk with me through what brings me peace in my busy world.  Thank you, Father for the creation of beauty in your world and allowing us to live here.

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The weather has been crazy here, you would think it’s Tennessee.  Day before yesterday, it was 70.  Yesterday, it was 40 and in the 30’s at night, it even snowed a little, and hailed.  This morning..it is beautiful, cool breeze, but brilliant sun and it looks and feels like Spring.

We got the kids to school, ran 10 errands and came home in time for Bible Study, and to pick up Zion…and then on to the rest of the day.

Great news..Erin comes home this afternoon and Brody has a day off in Sacramento tomorrow.  We may be able to see him for a short time, and with all that said…Mike is better and all will be right with my world.

Once again, I am very thankful for a God, who never changes.  Who is always the same.  Who loves me with all my ups and downs and crazy thoughts.  He loves that we love Him.  He is my constant source of encouragement and stability.  I am grateful, yet, once again.

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Anyone, who has ever known me, knows,  I do not like heat.  My house right now, wait, let me look…is 53 degrees.  I have blankets on all the couches and chairs so everyone can get warm if they choose to.  Saying that,  I have always wanted to feel what “really cold” feels like.  When we flew into Denver they told us with wind chill, it was -17.  What on earth does that feel like.  The flight attendants thought I was crazy to stand in the little part where the plane meets the walk way thing and I said I just wanted to feel it.  It didn’t seem that bad..

Then in TN, we walked Bluey to the bus that first morning.  I had on 2 shirts and a sweatshirt, sweats and boots.  We walked 1 block, I ran home….the cold goes through the clothes to the skin…who knew??? I came in the house and immediately hugged Kristin, I needed human warmth.  It was amazing.


This is the kids water, sand toy on the back deck, yeah, it was frozen, about one inch thick.

Then, remember that “limo” trip we took.  Which was absolutely incredible. We had pizza and snacks and kids and camera, etc, well the condensation on the inside of the windows, froze!!!!.  It was a solid sheet of ice…who knew???

So, I am still in wonder of the cold.  I have lived in California most of my life.  This was an experience for me.  What did I think?  I LOVED IT !!!!

What is the temp where you are?????

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I know this post “should” be for later this year, but I don’t want to wait.  Many of my posts, I realize have been a little down, or serious because of life.  Just life.  Today, though, this is what I felt.  Grateful.  Nothing tremendous happened today.  Just a typical Friday.  I got up, Mike was leaving for a job and I dressed and went outside.  Mike, had picked up the morning paper and placed it on the treadmill in the garage that was waiting for me.  I got a bottle of water from the garage refrigerator and the remote.  We have a tv in the garage, (what can I say, Mike’s sells DISH) I turned on the Today Show for the headlines, then turned to a “Gilmore Girls” I had taped.  I looked over the paper, walked for 25 minutes, and stretched.  Then it hit me, I looked at my pumpkin patch, my sweet dogs, the breeze in the air and had to just tell the Lord, thank You.  It’s times like this, I want to stop, remember Who He is and how He cares.  I want Him to know I love Him and I am so thankful.  As I say that, I realize, I don’t mean to say I am not grateful for Him when times are not this peaceful, I am.  I just want to not pass up the opportunity to thank Him when there is peace.  I don’t want to ever take Him for granted.

I then went in with my dogs, spent some peaceful time doing my Bible Study, and again, I am so thankful. I really want to live a thankful, grateful life.  He is so good.

“O come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation.  Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.”  Psalm 95:1-2.

This is my shout !!!!


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